Preflight tab

This tab displays the job preflight results. You can also apply job preflight manually.

Shows the number of Errors, Warnings, and Fixes resulted from the preflight process.
Note: When an error is displayed, you can click Ignore Preflight Error to cancel the preflight error and enable Manual Preflight. The Preflight Error job state is removed. You can upload a job in the Preflight Error state.
Input Source
Shows the type of the Input Source.
Preflight Profile Applied
Shows the name of the Preflight Profile applied to the job.
Action Lists Applied
Shows the number and list of applied actions.
Preflight Report
Click the link displayed to download a PDF file containing a report for the applied preflight.

Click Run manual preflight to manually apply the preflight for the job.

Apply Profile
Click Browse… to open the Select Profile dialog. In the Select Profile dialog you can select a Preflight Profile from the list of Available Profiles. Click , the Refresh button to update the list of Preflight Profiles from the Preflight Database.
Click OK to save the changes and close the Select Profile dialog.
To delete the selected profile, click , the Clear button.
Action Lists
From the menu, select the Action List you want to apply to incoming jobs. Click to open the Select Action Lists window.
In the Select Action Lists window you can edit an existing Action List or create a new one. Click , the Refresh button to update the list of Available Action Lists from the Preflight Database.
You can specify a unique Name for the new set of Action Lists. If the name is not specified for the Action List, select None Selected.
Click OK to save the changes and close the Select Action Lists dialog.
To clear the current selection, click , the Clear button.
Note: To run a Preflight process, you must specify a Preflight Profile and/or a Preflight Action List.

PitStop Server Folder

When switching from internal to external Preflight, you can reconfigure your job Preflight settings.

Select a Preflight hot folder from the list, where TotalFlow BatchBuilder sends the jobs for preflighting.

Click OK to save the changes, close the Run manual preflight dialog.