General tab

The current state of the job. The system defined job states are:
  • Unbatched: The job is not part of a batch.
  • Batched: The job is part of a batch.
  • Held: The job is unbatched and locked to be taken into a batch.
  • Missing Imposition: When jobs are processed by filters and do not match any imposition or imposition exclusion filters, then the jobs are set into the Missing Imposition state.
  • Incomplete: The information received about the job is not complete. This is the default state of the job.
  • Sent: The job has been sent for processing.
  • Printed: The job has been printed on a device.
  • Imposing: The job has been sent for imposition.
  • Imposed: The job has been imposed.
  • Imposition Error: An error occurred during job imposition or the specified imposition timer expired.
  • Waiting for File: The job file is not present in the specified location.
  • Output Error: When a job is in Batched state and the batch is sent to a disabled output destination or the output destination cannot be reached, the job state is changed to Output Error.
    Note: If an unknown error occurs after a job has been sent for printing, the job state is changed to Output Error.
  • Proof Out: A job proof sample was sent for printing and is waiting for approval.
  • Proof Rejected: The job proof was printed and rejected.
  • Preflighting: The job is in the preflight process and is not available for filters or batches.
  • Preflight Error: An error occurred during Preflight or the job does not match any preflight filters.
  • Waiting for Related Jobs: A job is in the Waiting for Related Jobs state when another job received with the same order is in Waiting for File state and the Keep orders together setting for a hot folder is enabled.
Note: You can create custom job states in the Admin Custom States window.
Job Name
The job name is used to help identify jobs. The default is the input file name. You can edit the job name. You can enter a string of maximum 256 characters.
Job Received From
The system displays the job original file path.
Job File
The name of the file associated with the job. You can replace an existing file or, if the file is missing, you can upload a new file. Click Browse… and select a file to upload from your system directory.

Note: You can upload a job file only when the job is in Incomplete, Waiting for File, Held, Unbatched, Imposition Error, Proof Rejected, Preflight Error, or Waiting for Related Jobs.

If the uploaded file has a different document size, the system displays a warning message. When a new PDF or Postscript file has been uploaded to existing job and the document width, height, and page count do not match the original values, you can choose between the existing values or the new values. For the Document size and Pages, choose one of these actions: Keep previous settings. or Use new settings..

Click the file name to download the original job file to your machine.
You can edit the job short description.
Specifies where the job is located after it was sent for printing.
Note: You can create custom locations in the Admin Custom Locations window.
File Size
The size of the file in GB, MB, or KB.
You can edit the name of the customer. You can enter a string of maximum 256 characters.
The date and time when the job was submitted.
Part Number
You must specify a unique job identification number within the order.
The ISBN code if it exists.
A number containing the product attributes, such as manufacturer, product description, size and so on.
Product Type
The type of the product.