Network Scanners window

You can define network scanners to be used inside of TotalFlow BatchBuilder to change state and/or location on scanned jobs or batches.

Scanners tab

The Scanners tab displays a list of all the scanners in the system. To view scanner Properties, to Disable or Delete… a scanner, select and right-click a scanner from the list. On multiple selection, only Delete… option is available.

To add a new scanner manually, click New Scanner, on the right side of the Scanners tab. The system opens the New Scanner dialog.

Enter the required information:

Enter the new scanner name in the designated field.
Specify the IP address of the scanner or the DNS name for the SMTP server.
Specify the Port number for the new scanner.
Test Connection
Click Test Now, the test connection, to verify if the scanner you want to use is available.
Job State
Select a system defined state or a custom created state from the list.
Select a value from the list of available custom locations.
Click , the Enabled button, or , the Disabled button, to switch between the two states.
Enter a short description for the new scanner.

To create the new scanner, click OK.

To close the New Scanner panel and discard the entered information, click Cancel.

To delete the scanner, click Delete….

Note: You can create an alert trigger for the New Scanner in case you scan an incorrect barcode. To create or edit an alert, see Alerts Section.

The Network Scanner device used with TotalFlow BatchBuilder has the following specifications:

  • Uses TCP as a transport protocol.
  • Once connected, the scanner sends the scans within the buffer, one scanning per line of text (ended with CR).
  • The message received from the scanner contains the message that what was scanned, without any prefix or suffix.
  • The implementation from TotalFlow BatchBuilder will react only if the message starts with Jxxx..x or Bxxx..x, where x is a hexadecimal digit ( 0..9, A..F).
  • TotalFlow BatchBuilder connects directly to the scanner base, via TCP/IP to the IP address or DNS name of the scanner.