Aggregate window

In the Aggregate window, you can aggregate jobs based on desired job properties. All matching jobs can then be sent together to the output.

You can enable or disable Aggregate by clicking , the Enabled button, or , the Disabled button. The default state of the Aggregate feature is Disabled.

In the Aggregate window, you can choose a maximum of 5 job properties to identify jobs that are the same. You can select from the following job properties:

  • Description

  • ISBN

  • Job File

  • Job Name

  • Product Type

  • SKU

  • Custom Attributes

To add a new job property, click . To remove a job property, click . You can drag rows to reorder.

When jobs are evaluated to determine if they should be aggregated together, they follow “or” logic when processing the properties and values selected in the Admin tab.

Note: To create a new custom job attribute, go to Custom Attributes window.

When sending aggregated jobs to the output, a single file should be sent. Send the job file for the first job in the sequence.

The aggregate job filename should be formatted in the following way: [batch-number]_[sequence-number]_[aggregate property]_[copies].pdf.

To save the custom changes, click OK.

To discard the entered information, click Cancel.

  1. You can view information on jobs aggregated together and sent to an output by opening the Dashboard from , the Expand Dashboard button. Select Output/Print Queue Print Queue. The hover information on an aggregate job displays the original data at the moment when the aggregate job was sent. To open a job list of an aggregate job from the dashboard, right-click the job bar representation and select View Jobs. The data displayed in the job list represents the current state of the job including any modifications to the jobs since the job was sent.
  2. You can enable or disable job aggregation from the Batch properties dialog. Right-click an aggregate job to View File…, Reprint, Set State, or Set Location.
  3. You can also enable or disable job aggregation from the Quick Print dialog and Reprint dialog.
  4. You can enable aggregation in order to configure aggregation at the filter level as well. Filters can be configured to automatically aggregate matching jobs in the created batch.