Assigning Jobs to a Workflow

If a job arrives in TotalFlow Production Manager from another application, without an associated workflow, you can assign the job to a workflow. If the workflow is not associated with a printer, the job is unassigned. In that case, you must assign the workflow to a printer or printer pool. Also, you can reassign jobs that already have a workflow and process them again through another workflow.

To assign a job to an existing workflow:

  1. Select the job.
  2. Click More, then Assign to workflow....

    You see the Assign to Workflow dialog:

    Assign job to workflow dialog

  3. In the Select workflow... list, select a workflow to assign the job to.
  4. Under Choose file options, do one of these:
    • In most cases, including cases when you changed the job properties, select Use original file when processing job.
    • If you used TotalFlow Prep to change the input file for the job, select Use current, modified file when processing job.
  5. Click OK.