Reprinting Single Jobs

To reprint one job:

  1. In the All Jobs pod, select the job.
  2. Click More, then Print again...

    You see the Print Again dialog:

    Print Job Again dialog

  3. Enter a number of copies. Use the plus/minus sign to increase or decrease the number of copies.
  4. Optional: To reprint only selected pages of a PDF job, click Pages, then enter a valid page range.
    Note: You can select pages only in PDF jobs. For other data streams, you must reprint the whole job.
  5. Select a printer to submit the job to.
    The last printer that printed the job is the default.
  6. Optional: To print more than one copy of the job, change the number of copies to print.
    Note: Passthrough printers ignore the number that you specify here. The printer command must pass the number of copies to the Passthrough printer if it is greater than one.
  7. Click OK.