File Naming window

This section describes how to create the file names for the jobs sent from the system.

Using Output File Naming, you can set the preferences to generate the job file names sent to the output destination.


The system displays a preview for the job file name.

The first element in the job file name is the batch Number and the sequence of the job in the batch. This is a default setting and cannot be modified.

You can select job attributes or order attributes from the lists as other elements to be included in the job file name sequence. To add a new attribute, click , the Add a row beneath this one button. To remove an attribute, click , the Delete this row button.

Click , the move button, and drag the selection to change the position of a row.


You can select the language you want the system to use from the list. When generating the job file name, the system uses the selected language to apply the localization for the specified attributes. The selected language is also used when you generate batch tickets, or banner sheets.

To save the Output File Naming configuration, click OK.

To discard the entered information, click Cancel.