Job Attributes tab

Select one of these options:
  • All Attributes ("and" logic)
  • Any Attributes ("or" logic)

If you select All Attributes ("and" logic), the filter displays the jobs matching all the attributes set in the Job Attributes tab. If you select Any Attributes ("or" logic), the filter displays any job matching at least one of the specified attributes.

To configure the criteria for the new filter:

  1. Select the attribute type from the first list.
  2. From the second list, select one of these operators:
    • Is
    • Is not
    • Between
    • Greater than
    • Less than
    • Greater than or equal
    • Less than or equal
  3. To complete the criteria, enter or select a value for the specified attribute type.
Note: When the Between operator is selected, you can specify a starting and an ending value for the job attribute.

You can select one or more attributes to use as criteria for the filter. To add a new attribute, click , the Add Criteria button. To remove an attribute from the filter criteria, click , the Remove Criteria button.

If you want to filter the jobs by a specific date and time, select the Due Date attribute from the first list. Select Is or Less than or equal as an operator from the second list.

Note: If you select Is as the operator, you can only set the day as the specified value.

To set specific values for the date and time:

  1. Click , the calendar button. The Due dialog box appears. Select one of the available options or type in to set the date and time when the job is due.

  2. Click OK.