Imposition tab


To send all the jobs together to be imposed, click Gang jobs together. When you enable this option, the Include copies option is automatically enabled. As a result, one imposition file is created for all the jobs in the filter. The imposition file contains the specified number of copies of each job and it is sent to the output with the Copies attribute value 1.

Include copies

To apply imposition on all the copies, select Include copies in output.

When this option is enabled, the imposed file created for each job contains the specified number of job copies and is sent to the output with the Copies attribute value 1.

When Include copies in output option is disabled, the imposed file contains one copy for each job and the actual value of the Copies attribute is sent to the output.

Ultimate Impostrip® Folder

You can specify the folder name where TotalFlow BatchBuilder sends the jobs to be imposed. The imposition is applied to all the jobs when creating a batch from this filter. Any predefined imposition for an individual job is overwritten.

Select a hot folder from the list or type in the name of the hot folder. You can enter a string of maximum 256 characters. The list of hot folders can only be edited from the Ultimate Impostrip® application. You can add or remove hot folders using Ultimate Impostrip®.

Click , the Refresh button to refresh the list of imposition hot folders.

  • The Imposition tab is available only when Ultimate Impostrip® is enabled in the Admin Features Imposition window.
  • If you selected the option Include copies in output above, the Ultimate Impostrip® value must be other than Do not impose.

Imposition Review

Before sending the imposed job file to an output, you can review and approve the imposition result. To turn on this option, click the Disabled button.