Automation tab

Automation Level
You can choose the level of automation. Select one of these options:
  • No Automation — The jobs are not batched automatically.
  • Auto-Batch — The jobs are automatically batched when the target range is reached.
  • Auto-Batch-and-Send — When the target range is reached, all matching jobs are automatically batched and sent to the associated output destination.
Automation Trigger
Select one of the two options:
  • All Conditions ("and" logic)
  • Any Conditions ("or" logic)

If you select All Conditions ("and" logic), the batch is created only when all the targets set in the Automation tab are reached. If you select Any Conditions ("or" logic), the batch is created when at least one of the specified targets is reached.

You can add more conditions from the list or remove some of them. To add a new condition, click , the add condition button. To remove an attribute, click , the remove condition button.

To configure the conditions:

  1. Select the trigger type from the list.
  2. Enter a value in first text field to set the target.
  3. Specify the threshold in the second field.

The system calculates and displays the threshold range for the selected trigger type.
Note: If you select Day/Time as the target type, you can set the specific day of the week (Sunday through Saturday) and the time of day when the batch will be created.

Select a value from the Day list.

Select a value from the Time list.

When a filter is set for a Day/Time automation and the TotalFlow BatchBuilder server is down at that specified day and time, the filter does not trigger when the server starts.

When Single Job Exceeds Volume Threshold
You can choose the level of automation. Select one of these options:
  • Notify, Do Not Batch
  • Batch Job Separately

For jobs that exceed the volume limitations on automation (sheets, feet, meters, impressions, run-time), you can select Batch Job Separately. If you select Batch Job Separately, jobs are batched as single job batch. If you select Notify, Do Not Batch, the system continues to issue a warning and an alert on the filter fat-row.