Applying, Editing, and Creating Themes for Bleed Edge Tabs

Themes store bleed edge tab and text formatting that can be quickly applied to all bleed edge tabs. You can select from a pre-defined collection of themes or customize a theme and save it.
  • Themes save the following settings:
    • Text orientation, position, alignment, and formatting
    • Image rotation, position, and scale
    • Font color, shape fill color, shape border color, or color patterns. Color patterns include font color, shape fill color, and shape border color.
  • Themes do not store inserted text and images or bleed edge tab preset information.
To apply a theme:
  1. On the Bleed Edge Tabs screen, click Themes button, the Themes button, on the toolbar.
  2. Select a theme.
    The settings are applied to all bleed edge tabs in the job.
    • When you apply a theme that has a color pattern, the color pattern is automatically repeated across bleed edge tabs.