Adding and Editing Bleed Edge Tabs

You can add bleed edge tabs to create sections in the document. The bleed edge tabs are placed on the edge of the pages and can include text, images, and color patterns.
Bleed edge tabs are placed on the page edge opposite the binding. The location depends on the direction that the sheets open as specified in the Printing side menu. Bleed edge tabs reposition and resize when Printing Side options are changed.
  • When the direction is set to open-to-left, bleed edge tabs are placed on the right edge.

  • When the direction is set to open-to-right, bleed edge tabs are placed on the left edge.

  • When the direction is set to open-to-top, bleed edge tabs are placed on the bottom edge.

See Specifying Printing Side Settings.
To add bleed edge tabs:
  1. Select target pages in the page list or in Sheet view.
    • To select multiple pages, hold the Ctrl key and click each page that you want to select.
    • To select a range of pages, click the first page in the range, then hold the Shift key and click the last page in the range.
  2. Right-click and select Bleed edge tab Create bleed edge tab group from the menu.
    Important: If the job has chapters, you can click Insert Bleed Edge Tabs on the menu bar to create a bleed edge tab group for each chapter. The bleed edge tabs automatically populate with the chapter names and page ranges. Chapter names wrap automatically by default.
    The Bleed Edge Tabs screen opens.
    Bleed Edge Tabs screen

    The Bleed Edge Tabs screen consists of the following areas:

    1. Settings area for bleed edge tab presets, printing side, pattern, tab length, margins, edge, tab gap, tabs per bank, and tab depth.
    2. Toolbar for changing the tab background shape, formatting text, adding images, editing images, applying and modifying themes.
    3. Tab list for adding, editing, and ordering bleed edge tabs.
    4. Tab preview for previewing the bleed edge tabs. The top window displays the current tab and the bottom window displays the placement of tabs on sample pages.

    • Only the settings from the Settings area are saved as a bleed edge tab preset. The settings from the Toolbar, Tab list, or Tab preview are not saved as a preset.
    • The insert image function is not available in the browser version of TotalFlow Prep.
  3. Configure the settings required for the bleed edge tabs.

    For details about a specific setting, click the Help button to display the on-screen field help.

  4. Click OK.
    You can preview your settings in the workspace area.