Specifying Finishing Settings

You can specify various finishing settings for printed documents, such as collating, stapling, hole punching, folding, binding, trimming, output tray, eject output, and printer features.
  • You can only specify finishing functions that are available on your printer. Make sure that you first select a printer for the job, and then set the finishing options.

  • If a function is available on your printer but the values that you specify for the settings do not match those set on the printer exactly, an error will occur on the printer.

  • If the job has mixed paper sizes and you want to specify finishing settings, we recommend using the following combinations of paper sizes:

    • A3 (297 × 420 mm) and A4 (210 × 297 mm)

    • B4 (257 × 364 mm) and B5 (182 × 257 mm)

    • 11 × 17 inches and Letter (8.5 × 11 inches)

    • 8K (267 × 390 mm) and 16K (195 × 267 mm)

To specify finishing settings:
  1. In the settings area on the right, click Finishing to display the available finishing options.
    Open finishing section
  2. In the Finishing panel, specify the finishing options required for the job.
    For details about a specific setting, click the Help button to display the on-screen field help.
    Finishing pane

    You can preview your settings in the workspace area, in the Sheet view and Reader view.

    • Only finishing options that are available on the printer are displayed. For example, if the printer does not have a folding unit, the Fold setting is not displayed.

    • Options that are not compatible with the current job settings are marked with a red dot Red dot for incompatible options. For example, if the job is set to open to the left, all the options for stapling on the right edge are marked as incompatible.

      If you select an incompatible option, you must adjust the job settings based on the options listed in the dialog box for solving conflicts.