Specifying Paper Settings

You can specify the paper and the input tray that you want to use for printing the job.
  • The available papers and input trays depend on the printer that is selected for the job. Make sure that you first select a printer, and then specify the paper settings.

  • The default paper used for the job depends on the New job paper size setting on the Preferences screen.

To specify paper settings:
  1. Open the paper selection menu on the toolbar to display the Select Paper screen.
    Open the paper selection menu
  2. On the Select Paper screen, do one of the following:
    • Use the Auto setting to keep the original page size.

      • This option is not available for Booklet or Gangup - Speed imposition.

      • If the job contains documents with different page sizes, Auto: Multiple sizes is used for the original page size.

      • If the original page size is larger than the paper sizes supported by the printer, the largest supported paper size is used instead.

    • Select a paper from the Loaded Paper list, which contains the papers that are currently loaded in the printer trays.
    • Select a paper from the Full Catalog list, which contains the papers from the printer catalog that are not loaded in the trays and the registered custom papers supported by the printer.

      • To create a new custom paper and add it to the Full Catalog list, click the +Add Paper button. For more information, see Adding Custom Papers.

      • For more information on managing the papers in the paper catalog, see Managing the Paper Catalog.

    • Select a paper from the Recent Selections list.

    • Click the Custom Paper button to specify the paper properties manually.

      For details about the available properties, click the Help button to display the on-screen field help. Custom Paper dialog box

    • Make sure that a paper with matching properties is available on the printer. For information on the printer paper settings, see the printer documentation.

    • Select the Use default option or leave the field blank for the paper properties that you do not want to send to the printer.

    The resulting paper is displayed as Custom in the paper selection menu.

  3. Open the tray selection menu on the toolbar and select the input tray where the paper is loaded.

    Use the Auto tray select option if you want the printer to select the tray automatically based on the specified paper settings.

    Select tray

    For printers that use an interface box to connect to an external input device, you can select Extended option feed tray to enable a function supported through the interface box. See the printer settings for information on the available options.

Reference: You can also specify paper settings for individual sheets. For more information on paper exceptions, see Specifying Paper Exceptions.