Specifying a Printer for the Job

For best results, register and select the printer that you want to use to print the job before you start editing the job settings. If you change the printer after you specify paper, imposition, finishing, or output settings, you might be prompted to adjust the specified job settings.
To specify a printer for the job:
  1. Register the printer that you want to use.
    For more information, see Registering Printers.
  2. On the menu bar, click the printers menu and select a printer from the list.
    Selecting a printer

    Only registered printers appear in the printer selection menu.

Note: In the browser version of TotalFlow Prep, the printer selection function is not available. When you edit a job in the browser version, TotalFlow Prep uses the printer that was set in TotalFlow Production Manager or TotalFlow Print Server. For more information, see Editing Jobs in the Browser Version of TotalFlow Prep.