Setting Clear Toner Properties

  • The Fifth Station settings are only available when a Fifth Station module is installed on the printer. The availability of these settings depends on the printer model, printer controller, and Fifth Station configuration.
  • The Named spot color and Adjust tone options are not available for printers with EFI Fiery controllers.
When Clear is the special effect toner installed:
  1. Click Fifth Station in the settings area on the right.
  2. Under Special effect toner, select Clear.
  3. Under Processing target, select one of these options:
    • None

      No special effect toner is applied. Any spot color used is processed using CMYK values.

    • Whole page

      The special effect toner is applied to the entire page.

    • Named spot color

      The special effect toner is applied to a specific spot color in the print file.

      In the Spot color name field, select a spot color from the list or enter a spot color name. The spot color name must match the corresponding spot color used in the PDF print file. TotalFlow Prep does not provide a warning if you enter a spot color name that is not recognized.

      In the Spot color priority field, set which spot color has priority over the others.

    • Specified objects

      The special effect toner is applied only to specific objects. Select one or more objects from the list of options available for your configuration.

  4. Under Adjust tone, enter a value from 0 to 100%.
  5. Under Print priority, select Quality or Speed.
    When the print mode is set to Speed, the amount of special effect toner is reduced to enable faster printing.
  6. Under Page range, enter the range of pages that you want to print with special effect toner.
  7. Under Mirror, specify whether to mirror all the sheets in the job.
    The Mirror function applies to the entire job, even if you set a page range for the other Fifth Station options.

For details about a specific setting, click the Help button to display the on-screen field help.