Creating Custom Themes for Tabs

You can create and save custom themes. Themes do not save tab preset information, text, or images.
To create a custom theme:
  1. On the Edit Tabs screen, customize settings for text and images.
    Themes save the following settings:
    • Text orientation, position, alignment, and formatting
    • Font color patterns
    • Image rotation, scale, and position
  2. Click Themes button, the Themes button, on the toolbar.
  3. Click Save theme....
  4. Enter a name for the theme in the Save Theme dialog box.
  5. Click OK.
    The themes are arranged alphabetically.
  • A color pattern can save different color settings for each tab.
  • A pattern is based on the number of tabs in a job. You can create a specific color pattern, save it as a custom theme, and apply it to other jobs.

    For example, if you want to create a custom theme with an alternating color pattern of black and white tabs:

    1. Create a job with two tabs.
    2. Define different color settings for each tab.
    3. Save the custom theme.
    4. Close the job.
    5. Open another job with multiple tabs.
    6. Apply the new custom theme. The color pattern is automatically repeated across all the tabs in the job. If the job has 20 tabs, the alternating pattern is repeated 10 times.