Specifying Stapling Exceptions

You can apply stapling settings only for specific ranges of sheets so that only part of the job is stapled.
To specify stapling exceptions:
  1. Select a range of pages in the page list or a range of sheets in Sheet view.
  2. Right-click the selection, then click Subset finishing... Set finishing....
    Set stapling exception
  3. In the Subset finishing dialog box, select a stapling option from the Staple list and click OK.
    Subset finishing dialog box

    The subset icons Start subset icon and End subset icon mark the beginning and the end of the staple subset.

    • Only the stapling options that are available on the printer are displayed.
    • On some printers, it is not possible to set stapling as an exception setting. Also, even if stapling exceptions can be set, the output order of the documents might be different than expected when you print multiple copies. This happens because any staple subset is processed as a separate job.
    • You can send a job that contains multiple staple subsets with different stapling options to printers with an EFI Fiery controller. However, only the first staple subset and any additional subsets that have the same stapling option are applied when the job is processed.
    • If you paste or move pages inside a staple subset, the pages are added to the subset.
    • If you copy or cut only the pages of a staple subset as a group and paste them to a new location, the staple subset setting is preserved.
    • If you move only the pages of a staple subset as a group, the staple subset setting is preserved.

To remove the stapling exception, select the pages or sheets, right-click the selection, and then click Subset finishing... Reset to job setting.