Using an External Program to Edit Image PDF Documents

You can use external programs to edit job pages if their original format is Image PDF.
  • You can only edit one page at a time in the image-editing programs. You cannot select and edit multiple job pages at once.

  • If you add pages to a TIFF image file in the image-editing program, only changes to the first page of the TIFF file are applied in TotalFlow Prep. Changes to the following pages are ignored.

To edit a page in an external program:
  1. In the page list, right-click the page that you want to edit and click Edit Image original on the menu.
    You can also select the page and click EditEdit Image original on the menu bar.
    Edit Image

    The external program opens in a new window.

  2. Edit the image in the external program and save the changes using the Save option.
    If you use the Save As... option, the changes are not reflected in the job.
    Important: If the resolution of an image file is not specified, TotalFlow Prep automatically sets the image resolution to 200 dpi. When you edit the image in the external program, a different default value might be applied. Verify the image resolution before you save the image in the external program. Unless you want to modify the image resolution, make sure that it is still set to 200 dpi.
  3. In TotalFlow Prep, click OK in the external program dialog box to apply the edits.