Using an External Program to Edit the PDF of an Entire Job

You can edit the entire content of a job as a single PDF in another program.
  • After the edits are applied, the format of the pages might change from Image PDF to Object PDF. As a result, you can no longer apply image edits to these pages, even if the original data was an image.

  • Do not apply security settings, such as passwords or authentication settings, to the PDF.

To combine all the original pages in the job into a single PDF and edit the PDF using an external program:
  1. Right-click a page in the page list and click Edit PDF original on the menu.
    You can also click EditEdit PDF original on the menu bar.
    Edit PDF

    The external program opens in a new window.

  2. Edit the PDF in the external program and save the changes using the Save option.
    If you use the Save As... option, the changes are not reflected in the job.
  3. In TotalFlow Prep, click OK in the external program dialog box to apply the edits.