Moving a Selected Area

You can select and move an area of an image page.
Move area graphic.
  • You can use the Move area tool only if the original file type is Image PDF.

  • The Move area tool is only available in the page edit view.

  • This function is not available in the browser version of TotalFlow Prep.

To select and move an area of an image page:

  1. Right-click a page and select Edit page from the menu or double-click the page to open it in the page edit view.
  2. On the toolbar, click Move Area tool, the Move area tool button.
    The cursor changes from an arrow to a cross hair.
  3. Click and drag on an area of the image. A blue outline appears around the selected area with multiple anchor points. Use the anchor points to resize the selected area.
    Note: The selected area cannot be resized once it is moved.
  4. Click the selected area.
    The cross hair changes to a move cursor and the size properties are applied.
    Moving selected area.
  5. Drag the area to the desired location on the page.
    • The selected area cannot be modified or repositioned once it is moved.

    • The selected area can only be moved on the same page. It cannot be moved to other pages in the job.

    • To move the selected area on multiple pages, see Moving a Selected Area on Multiple Pages.

  6. To center the selected area, right-click and select Center, then Horizontally, Vertically, or Both from the menu.
Note: Use Undo button, the Undo button, to make changes to the selected area once it is moved.