Setting Gangup Imposition

You can use gangup imposition to combine multiple pages on a sheet of paper. Different layout options are available for the pages.
  • Some functions might not be available when the imposition is set to Gangup.

  • Some job settings might be removed or modified when the imposition is set to Gangup.

To specify gangup imposition:
  1. In the settings area on the right, click Impose.
  2. In the Impose panel, click Gangup.
    Gangup imposition panel
  3. Select a type of gangup imposition in the GANGUP / CUT & STACK section:
    • Unique: Multiple pages of the document are printed onto one sheet.

      You can specify the number of pages to print on a sheet and their order.Gangup — Unique

    • Repeat: A document page is printed repeatedly a specified number of times onto one sheet.Gangup — Repeat

    • Speed: Two pages are arranged and printed on each side of a sheet. The printed sheets are then stacked and cut down the center.

      As multiple pages are created per cut sheet, printing time and costs can be reduced.Gangup — Speed

      You can use the Rotate by 180 option to rotate one of the two pages on each side of the sheet. You can then cut the printed sheets and align the cut edges.Gangup — Speed with rotation

  4. Configure the settings available for the selected type of gangup imposition.
    For details about a specific setting, click the Help button to display the on-screen field help.