Straightening Skewed Pages

You can straighten skewed pages using the Deskew function.
Deskew function
  • The Deskew function is only available for valid pages. A page is valid if the original file type is Image PDF.
  • This function is not available in the browser version of TotalFlow Prep.
To straighten skewed pages:
  1. In the settings area on the right, click Clean Up.
  2. In the Clean Up panel, click Deskew.
    Deskew panel
  3. Under Pages, select All valid pages, Active page, Selected valid pages, or Valid pages in Light Table stack.
  4. Under Angle, click Auto or Manual:
    • The Auto mode attempts to identify the edges of the page and to correct the skew automatically. A skew angle of up to ± 15 degrees can be corrected automatically.

      If the Auto mode does not adjust the skew correctly, use the Manual mode.

    • The Manual mode lets you enter the angle of the skew. A skew angle of up to ± 30 degrees can be corrected manually.

      To set the angle, you can also click the page and drag the cursor to draw a reference line parallel with the skewed edge of the image.

  5. Click Apply.
    Important: Repeated deskew operations affect the image quality. If you want to perform deskew again with different settings, first revert the previous changes using Undo button, the Undo button.

For details about a specific setting, click the Help button to display the on-screen field help.