Inserting Chapter Names on Tab Ears

You can insert the chapter name on tab ears.
Note: This function is available only if the job contains chapters and there are tabs inserted before the chapters.
To insert chapter names on tab ears:
  1. Make sure that the job has at least one chapter.
    For information on creating chapters, see Creating Chapters.
  2. Make sure that tabs are inserted before the chapters.
    For information on inserting tabs before chapters, see Inserting Tabs Before Chapters.
  3. On the menu bar, click InsertTab AutomationInsert Chapter Names to Tab Ears.
    • Chapter names are inserted on the tab ears of tabs that begin each chapter.

    • This function inserts the chapter names once, but does not automatically update the tab ear text if chapters are renamed, moved, or deleted.

    • Select Insert Chapter Names to Tab Ears again to update the chapter names on tab ears after chapters have been renamed, moved, or deleted.