Copying, Cutting, and Pasting Sheets

Note: This function is not available if the imposition is set to Booklet.
To copy, cut, and paste sheets:
  1. Select the sheet in the Sheet view.
    • To select multiple sheets, hold the Ctrl key and click each sheet that you want to select.
    • To select a range of sheets, click the first sheet in the range, then hold the Shift key and click the last sheet in the range.
  2. Right-click and select Copy or Cut from the menu.
    Copy/cut sheets
    Note: You can also press Ctrl+C for copy or Ctrl+X for cut.
  3. Select the target sheet.
    Important: When copied sheets are pasted, they are inserted before the target sheet.
    You can also select a target page in the page list.
  4. Right-click and select Paste from the menu.
    Paste sheets
    Note: You can also press Ctrl+V.
To undo an action, click Undo button, the Undo button.