Using Crop Marks for Trimming

Crop marks are lines printed in the corners of each page to indicate where to trim the printed sheet.

You can select a specific style for the crop marks. Roman marks are single marks that indicate the trimming locations.

Roman crop marks

Japanese marks are double marks that consist of an inner mark and an outer mark. The inner mark indicates the trimming location. The outer mark indicates the outer edge of page content that extends beyond the inner marks. Page content that extends beyond the trim area to the outer marks is cropped away when the sheet is trimmed.

Japanese crop marks

To specify crop mark settings:
  1. In the settings area on the right, click Impose.
  2. In the Impose panel, make sure that the required type of imposition is specified for the job.
    Impose panel
  3. Configure the settings available in the Marks section.
    You can select a style of marks and specify the thickness and length of the mark lines. You can also specify on which side of the sheet to print the marks.

    For details about a specific setting, click the Help button to display the on-screen field help.

  • If a bleed value is specified, the marks move inward from the corner of the page the amount specified by the bleed. For double marks, the inner mark moves inward from the corner of the page the amount specified by the bleed, while the outer mark keeps its original position.

  • The position of the marks is also adjusted according to the Image Shift, Creep, and Gutters settings.

  • You can preview your settings in the workspace area.