Using Page Stamping for Repetitive Print Jobs

You can add incremental page stamping for large repetitive print jobs where unique page stamp numbers are necessary.
To add page stamping to large repetitive print jobs:
  1. Go to File Build Job to add files to the job.
  2. In the Build Job dialog box, add files from your computer or import files from a scanner.
    Adding files to a job
    • To add files from your computer, click Add files, browse for the files that you want to add in the Open dialog box, select them, and click Open.

      If a file is password-protected, you are prompted to enter the password before you can add the file to the job.

    • To import files from a scanner, select a TWAIN-compliant scanner or the Fiery Remote Scan utility from the list of scanners and click Scan.

      Depending on the selected scanner, the TWAIN driver setup screen or the Fiery Remote Scan utility is launched. Follow the steps required by the scanner driver and make any necessary settings.

  3. Enter the number of copies required for the batch in the Copies column.

    For example, to create a batch of 100 tickets, enter 100 in the Copies column.

  4. Click the Create button.
  5. In the settings area on the right, click Impose.
  6. In the Impose panel, click Gangup.
    Gangup imposition panel
  7. Select Unique in the GANGUP / CUT & STACK section.
  8. In the settings area on the right, click Page Content.
  9. In the Page Content panel, click Page Stamping.
  10. In the Repeat field, enter the number of times a page stamp number repeats before it increments.
    The Repeat value is calculated based on the number of eligible pages in a job.

    For example, if you are printing 100 tickets and need the page stamp number to increment every 10th ticket, set the Repeat value to 10. The page stamp number repeats 10 times before it increments and continues until it reaches 100 tickets.

    Page stamping dialog
  11. Click OK.
    You can preview your settings in the workspace area.