Limiting Filters to Specific Values with Background Filters

Background filters let you limit the data that is exposed to viewers or reduce the amount of filtering required.
You can define which of the fields in a filter are visible to viewers. Then, viewers can use the updated and restricted filter to further filter the dashboard using the available fields.

This function is useful when viewers require only specific data and would need to search through a long list of fields or when you do not want to expose all the data for security purposes.

For example, if a simple list filter initially includes a list of 10 locations, you can limit the filter to include only 5 specified locations. Viewers can see only these 5 locations when they set the filter.

For a ranking filter that requires only the top 5 locations based on the number of printers to be included in the list, viewers can still see only 5 locations. However, the list of locations changes as the number of printers changes.

To use background filters:
  1. Click Dashboards tab, the Dashboards tab, and select a dashboard from the list.
  2. Click Toggle filters button, the Toggle filters button, on the dashboard heading.
  3. In the Filters panel, create a background filter using one of these methods:
    • For a filter without selected values, click Options button, the Options button, select Create Background Filter, configure the filter settings, and click OK.
    • For a filter that already has specific values selected, click Options button, the Options button, and select Set as Background Filter.

    The background filter is marked with a filter icon. The filter icon is not visible to viewers.

  4. To edit a background filter:
    1. Click Options button, the Options button, and select Edit Background Filter.
    2. Update the filter settings and click OK.
  5. To remove a background filter, click Options button, the Options button, and select Remove Background Filter.