Supported Printers

This section lists the printers supported by RICOH Supervisor Data Collector.
  • The list of printers is kept up to date as support is added for new printers. Check this section periodically to make sure that you have the latest information.
  • Only the printers that have been officially tested are included in the list. You can also register other printers that can communicate through SNMP and collect data using the Generic SNMP Printer configuration. For more information, see Generic SNMP Printer .
Printers with Fiery controllers:
  • Pro C5200 Series Fiery E-24B/E-44B
  • Pro C5300 Series Fiery E-27B/E-47B
  • Pro C7100 Series Fiery E-43A/E-83A
  • Pro C7200 Series Fiery E-35A/E-36A
  • Pro C7200 Series Fiery E-45A/E-46A/E-85A/E-86A
  • Pro C9100 Series Fiery E-43/E-83
  • Pro C9200 Series Fiery E-45/E-46/E-85/E-86
  • Pro 8200 Fiery EB-34
  • Pro 8300 Fiery EB-35
Printers with RICOH Fiery controllers:
  • Pro C9500 Series Fiery N-50/N-70
  • Pro C7100 Series Fiery N-50A/N-70A
Printers with RICOH controllers (GW):
  • Pro C5100 GW
  • Pro C5210 GW
  • Pro C5310S GW
  • Pro C7110 GW
  • Pro C7200 GW
  • Pro C7210 GW
  • Pro C8110 GW
  • Pro C8200EX GW
  • Pro 8300S GW
  • Pro 8320 GW
Continuous form printers:
  • InfoPrint 4100
  • InfoPrint 5000
  • Pro VC40000 TotalFlow Print Server
  • Pro VC60000 TotalFlow Print Server
  • Pro VC70000 TotalFlow Print Server
  • Pro VC80000 TotalFlow Print Server
TotalFlow Print Server cut sheet printers:
  • Pro C7100 Series TotalFlow Print Server R-60
  • Pro C7200 Series TotalFlow Print Server R-62A
  • Pro C7200SX Series TotalFlow Print Server R-62A
  • Pro C9000 SeriesTotalFlow Print Server R-62
Other printers:
  • RICOH MP 6055SP
  • RICOH SP 4520DN
  • HP Color LaserJet CP2025