Restoring RICOH Supervisor Data Collector

You can restore a previous configuration stored in the cloud and continue tracking your data sources. A data collector can be retrieved from the cloud only if you do not select the Delete the Data Collector from the cloud check box when you uninstall the application. You can connect to an existing data collector only after a fresh install.
To restore a previously configured data collector:
  1. Follow the installation steps from Downloading and Installing RICOH Supervisor Data Collector on Windows.

    Restoring a data collector

  2. Under Restore from previous Data Collector, click RESTORE.
  3. Select the data collector that you want to restore from the list.
    The list contains uninstalled data collectors and data collectors that are currently offline, including active data collectors that are temporarily offline. Make sure that you select the correct data collector for the restore procedure. If you restore an offline data collector that is already installed on another machine, you will no longer be able to use that data collector on the initial machine.
  4. Click GET STARTED.

When you uninstall a data collector and then restore it on a different computer, you cannot restore it again on the first computer.

Important: To restore a data collector previously configured on a virtual machine, do not use the data collector from the VMware snapshot. Instead, run a new installation of RICOH Supervisor Data Collector and recover the data collector from the cloud.