Reordering and Selecting Printers

You can manually change the layout of the printer cards on the Printers page.
  • To move a printer card, click the printer card and hold the mouse button, then drag the printer card to the new location.

    Printers page

  • To view printers in a list, click List view button, the List view button. To view printers in cards, click Tile view button, the Tile view button.
  • To view printer properties, delete printers, or select printers, right-click a printer card and use the options available in the menu.
  • To add a printer, scan for printers, or select all the printers, right-click the empty space in the Printers page.
  • Hold the Shift key while selecting so that all the printer cards selected are added to the current selection.
  • Hold the Ctrl key while selecting so that any selection on a printer card changes its state from selected to not selected and from not selected to selected.
  • Hold the Alt key while selecting a printer card to deselect all the other printer cards.
  • You can select multiple printer cards and drag the entire selection in the desired order on the Printers page. To select more printer cards, click and drag a selection rectangle starting from the empty space on the Printers page. When using the rectangle selection, use the Ctrl or Shift key to add printers to the selection and the Alt key to remove a printer from the selection.

To close the printer selection, click Close button, the Close button.