Making Selections in a Widget

You can click a specific portion of a widget to select it. The dashboard is filtered according to the selected data and a filter is automatically added to the Filters panel.
Note: You can also use the selection to drill down in the widget. For more information, see Drilling down in a Widget.
To select data in a widget:
  1. Click Dashboards tab, the Dashboards tab, and select a dashboard from the list.
  2. On the dashboard, go to the widget that you want to work with.
  3. Click an item in the widget to select it and to add a dashboard filter according to the selection.
    To select multiple items, hold the Ctrl key, click the items, then release the Ctrl key and click Select in the menu.

    In chart widgets, you can drag the cursor to draw the area that you want to select, then release the mouse button and click Select in the menu.

To clear the selection, click Clear Selection at the top of the widget.