Data Fields from RICOH ProcessDirector

Fields from RICOH ProcessDirector represent the collected data about RICOH ProcessDirector documents, users and other objects.

  • If you have the RICOH ProcessDirector feature, you can receive data from RICOH ProcessDirector through data transmitters. To purchase the RICOH ProcessDirector feature, contact your Ricoh representative.
  • All the time-related data is displayed in the time zone of your browser.

These data fields are used for the default widgets, but you can include any data fields that are collected and transmitted to RICOH Supervisor:

Field Name RICOH ProcessDirector Database Name RICOH ProcessDirector Property Name
job_customername Job.CustomerName Customer name
job_locations Job.Locations Requested location
job_print_cumulativesheets Job.Print.CumulativeSheetsStacked Cumulative sheets stacked
job_scheduleuserid Job.Scheduleuserid Scheduled by
job_print_cumulativepagesstacked Job.Print.Cumulativepagesstacked Cumulative pages stacked
printer_id Printer.Id Printer name
job_print_endprinttime Job.Print.Endprinttime Print complete time