Creating a Liquid Fill Gauge Widget

The liquid fill gauge widget is useful when you want to visualize data that represents liquid levels, such as ink usage. The liquid level rises in the gauge based on the percentage of the current value from the maximum value set for the widget.
To create a liquid fill gauge widget:
  1. Click Dashboards tab, the Dashboards tab, and select a dashboard from the list.
  2. In the Widget library panel, click Create new widget button, the Create new widget button, to create a widget and open it in the Widget Designer.
    For more information, see Creating Widgets.
  3. In the Widget Designer, select Liquid Fill Gauge from the list of widget types in the top-left corner.
  4. In the data panel on the left, add data to the widget:
    1. In the Value section, click Add button, the Add button, and select the numeric field that you want to represent in the widget.
    2. In the min and max sections, set the minimum and maximum values, which determine the level of the liquid.
      Click Add button, the Add button, and then click Create Formula button, the Create Formula button, in the top-left corner of the data browser dialog box. In the Formula Editor, enter a fixed numeric value or select a numeric field with a dynamic value.
  5. In the Design tab on the right, customize the appearance of the widget:
    1. Under Wave Rise, specify if the wave rises to its full height or if it starts at its full height when the widget loads.
    2. Under Value Count Up, specify if the displayed value counts up to the final value or if the final value is displayed when the widget loads.
    3. Under Wave Animate, specify if the wave is animated or static.
    4. Under Show Tooltip, specify whether to display the current, minimum, and maximum values when you hover over the widget.
    5. Under Wave Count, specify the maximum number of full waves that are displayed in the widget.
  6. Click Apply.
Data download to a PDF or image file is not currently supported for liquid fill gauge widgets.