Editing Dashboards

To edit a dashboard, you can simply select it and start making changes.
To edit a dashboard:
  1. Click Dashboards tab, the Dashboards tab.
  2. Select the dashboard that you want to edit in the Dashboards list.
    Dashboards tab - Edit a dashboard
  3. On the dashboard heading, enter a new name for the dashboard.
  4. Customize the dashboard settings and content according to your needs.
    • To change the color palette, click Change dashboard color palette button, the Change dashboard color palette button, on the dashboard heading and select one of the available color palettes.

      For more information, see Changing the Dashboard Color Palette.

    • To move a widget to a different position, click the widget heading and hold the mouse button, then drag the widget to the new location.

      If you drag a widget on top of another widget, the available space is split between the two widgets.

    • To resize a widget, drag its edges right, left, up, or down.
    • To resize the widgets inside a row so they occupy an equal amount of space, click Options button, the Options button, in the corner of a widget and select Distribute widgets evenly in this row.

      If the dashboard has multiple columns, the widgets are distributed only within their column.

    • To remove a widget from the dashboard, click Options button, the Options button, in the corner of the widget and select Delete.