Configuring How Dashboard Filters Affect a Widget

Dashboard filters affect all the widgets in the dashboard, except for widgets that you configured as independent. An independent widget is not affected by dashboard filters.
To define the effect of dashboard filters on a widget:
  1. Click Dashboards tab, the Dashboards tab, and select a dashboard from the list.
  2. Create or edit a widget.
    For more information, see Creating Widgets or Editing Widgets.
  3. In the Widget Designer, click the Filters tab on the right.
    The Filters panel is displayed with separate Dashboard Filters and Widget Filters sections.
    Widget Designer - Filters panel
  4. Under Dashboard Filters filters, turn the switch on or off to enable or disable a dashboard filter.
    If a dashboard filter is turned-off, it does not affect the widget.
  5. Click Apply.
You can also make the widget independent of all current and future dashboard filters by turning off the Dashboard Filters option.