Viewing RICOH ProcessDirector Data Transmitters

The SOFTWARE CONNECTORS section from the Data Collectors tab displays information about the data transmitters configured in RICOH ProcessDirector, including the communication status, the total amount of data received, the next scheduled update, and the data tables.
  • This function is only available with the RICOH ProcessDirector feature. If you want to purchase this feature, contact your Ricoh representative.
To view information for a software connector:
  1. Click Data Collectors tab, the Data Collectors tab.
    Data Collectors tab
  2. Select the software connector that you want to view in the SOFTWARE CONNECTORS list.
  3. Look at the information displayed in the panel on the right.

    The following information is available:

    Transmitter Status
    The communication status of the data transmitter.
    • The data transmitter is ready to send data at the next scheduled time.
    • The data transmitter is not ready to send data.
    Next scheduled update
    The date and time scheduled for the next update.
    Total data received
    The total size of data received.

    The data table for the software connectors includes the following information:

    The names of the RICOH ProcessDirector database tables that send data through this transmitter.
    Last upload size
    The size of the last data upload.
    Last data received
    The date and time of the last successful data upload.
    Status description
    The status of the RICOH ProcessDirector data upload.
    • On schedule: The most recent transmission arrived on schedule.
    • Schedule missed: The most recent transmission did not arrive on schedule.
    • Inactive: A table that was previously sent by this transmitter is not being uploaded anymore.
    • No data received: No data was received in the last transmission. The data collector for the table is disabled or the data table is not selected to be sent in the RICOH ProcessDirector transmitter.