Creating Dependent Filters

Dependent filters let you combine multiple dashboard filters into a hierarchy. The filters affect each other from parent to child, to grandchild, and so on. When you filter the parent field, fewer options are available for the child filter.

For example, you can narrow the results to find a specific job by setting the location name, the printer name, and the job name as dependent filters. After you select a location, only printers from that location are displayed. After you select a printer, only jobs from that printer are displayed.

Note: By default, filters are not dependent. Dependent filters can be defined only for list filters.
To create a dependent filter:
  1. Click Dashboards tab, the Dashboards tab, and select a dashboard from the list.
  2. Click Toggle filters button, the Toggle filters button, on the dashboard heading.
  3. In the Filters panel, create and configure the parent filter.
    For more information on creating filters, see Creating Dashboard Filters.
  4. On the parent filter, click Add a dependent filter button, the Add a dependent filter button or click Options button, the Options button, and select Add a Dependent Filter.
  5. Configure the child filter.
    There are fewer options available for selection in the child filter because of the selections in the parent filter.

    The child filter appears under the parent filter with a down arrow on its heading, which shows the filter hierarchy.

  6. Repeat the steps for each new child filter to create multiple levels of dependent filters.