InfoPrint 4100

Use this printer type for RICOH continuous form printers from the InfoPrint series: InfoPrint 4000 and InfoPrint 4100.

For more information on the data collected through this printer type, see Collected Data.

Important: Before using this printer type, make sure that Printer Feature 5565 is enabled. This feature allows extended communication with the printer through RICOH Productivity Tracker.

New Printer dialog box - InfoPrint 4100

Select the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) version to establish connectivity between the data collector and the data source. You can find instructions for this step in Generic SNMP Printer .

When RICOH Productivity Tracker is used, RICOH Supervisor Data Collector polls the printer and sends data to the cloud every 30 seconds. This interval can cause delays in data availability and can affect the information displayed in the Real Time Display tab from RICOH Supervisor.

To enable an available feature on the physical printer:

  1. To display the Features Administrator panel from the main panel in the operator console, select Printer Definition and Features.
  2. Click Install to display the list of available Feature Codes.
  3. Select the feature you want to enable or disable and click OK.
  4. To enable a selected feature, select Enable. To disable a selected feature, select Disable.
  5. Click Close.

Note: The printer must be stopped before this function can be performed.

To perform this function, you must have a service role.

Important: The data about printed paper length collected by RICOH Productivity Tracker might not always be exact due to the printer communication delays. Sometimes there might be a difference of a few feet between the reported data and the actual length of printed paper.