Adding, Editing, and Removing Printers

The Real Time Display tab shows the printers that were configured using RICOH Supervisor Data Collector. To add more printers, edit the printer settings, or remove printers, you must go to RICOH Supervisor Data Collector.
To add, edit, or remove printers:
  1. Click Data Collectors tab, the Data Collectors tab.
    Data Collectors tab
  2. In the Data Collectors list, select the data collector that you want to work with.
    You can see the printers that are configured for a data collector in the information panel on the right under Data Source.
  3. In the data collector information panel, click the IP address of the data collector to open RICOH Supervisor Data Collector and access the data collector page.
  4. In RICOH Supervisor Data Collector, add, edit, or remove printers as necessary.
    For more information, see the RICOH Supervisor Data Collector documentation.