RICOH Supervisor User Interface

RICOH Supervisor provides a comprehensive and intuitive web-based user interface for viewing and managing the data collected from connected data sources. You can customize the way the data is displayed, generate reports, monitor printer performance based on targets, and set up notifications.
Reference: For a video presentation of the RICOH Supervisor user interface, go to Ricoh How-to Videos.

You can access the user interface from a supported web browser. For information on the supported web browsers and the minimum requirements, see Computer Requirements.

User interface overview

The user interface consists of these areas:

  1. Banner for account and user management, notifications, and help access.

  2. Dashboards tab for filtering, viewing, and downloading collected data.

  3. Real Time Display tab for monitoring printer status and performance.

  4. Data Collectors tab for configuring data collectors and software connectors.

  5. Settings tab for configuring user preferences, notifications, locations, and shifts.