Uploading Diagnostic Data

If you encounter issues while using RICOH Supervisor Data Collector, you can easily upload diagnostic data that can help troubleshoot the problem.
To upload diagnostic data:
  1. Make sure that you have at least 10 GB of free space available on the drive where RICOH Supervisor Data Collector is installed.
  2. Sign in to RICOH Supervisor Data Collector.
  3. On the menu bar, click Help button, the Help button, and select Send Diagnostic Data.
  4. In the Send Diagnostic Data dialog box, provide more information about the encountered issue and upload the diagnostic data.
    Send Diagnostic Data dialog box
    1. Under Topic, select the type of issue.
      For example, you might encounter connectivity issues or issues with missing or inaccurate data.
    2. Under Printers, select the printers that we should focus on during the investigation of the issue.
      Data is still collected and sent for all the printers registered in the system.
    3. Under Message, enter any other useful information that you would like to include with the diagnostic data.
    4. Click SUBMIT.
    Once the diagnostic data is uploaded, software support can use it to investigate the reported issue. For more information on the collected data, click What information is being sent?.
    Note: You can upload diagnostic data only when the data collector is connected to the cloud. If the data collector is not connected to the cloud, you can instead download the data locally and provide it to your Ricoh support representative.
You can check the status of the data upload in the Activity Log tab. If the upload encountered problems, such as file size or disk space issues, and was unsuccessful, collect the traces manually.