Viewing Notifications

You can access the list of current notifications from the banner.
  • Only notifications that are set to be viewed in the application are displayed. Notifications that are only sent to an email address can be accessed from the associated email inbox. For more information on notification settings, see Editing Notifications.
  • Only the notifications configured for the current user are displayed.
To view current notifications:
  1. On the banner, click Notifications button, the Notifications button.
  2. Look at the list of events in the Notifications panel.
    Notifications panel
  3. To dismiss all the notifications, click Dismiss all.
    The notifications are still kept in the log and can be viewed in the Notifications History panel.
  4. To view older notifications, click Notifications History button, the Notifications History button.
    Notifications History panel

    The Notifications History table lists the notifications in reverse chronological order and includes this information:

    • Notification: The text of the message.
    • Date & Time: The date and time when the notification was sent.
    • Type: The type of notification. For example, the notification can contain information about data collector connectivity, printer connectivity and status, printer consumables, or software updates.
    • Specific devices: The specific device that prompted the notification.

    The notifications are kept in the log for 1 year.