Uploading Ink Data for InfoPrint 5000 Printers

To track ink usage for your InfoPrint 5000 continuous form printers, you must upload ink data for each printer on the Data Collectors tab.
To upload ink data for an InfoPrint 5000 printer:
  1. On the InfoPrint 5000 printer, export the ink usage data as a CSV file.
    For more information on exporting ink data, see the printer documentation.
  2. In RICOH Supervisor, click Data Collectors tab, the Data Collectors tab.
  3. Select the data collector where the printer is registered in the Data Collectors list.
  4. Find the printer in the data source list and click Upload CSV Ink File... button, the Upload CSV Ink File... button.
    Data Collectors tab - Upload ink data

    The Upload CSV Ink File... button is active for all printer states.

  5. In the file upload dialog box, upload the CSV file with ink data exported from the printer.
    The procedure for uploading the file depends on the web browser.
  6. In the Confirm File Upload dialog box, click Continue to confirm the data upload.
    Important: Make sure that you select the correct ink data file. Once the file is uploaded, you cannot delete the data or undo the upload action.
  7. If you are uploading an ink data file from a printer with simplex or dual-simplex configuration, specify the engine the file is collected from in the Select Engine dialog box and click Continue.

    For better accuracy in tracking ink data, make sure that you select the correct engine based on the printer configuration.

  8. Verify the result of the data upload and validation:
    • If the upload and validation were successful, the upload complete icon Upload complete icon is displayed, along with the name of the uploaded file and the date and time of submission.
    • If the upload and validation failed, the upload failed icon Upload failed icon is displayed, along with the name of the selected file, the date and time of submission, and the error message.

      Fix the issues reported in the error message and try uploading the file again. If the file does not correspond to the format and structure requirements, try exporting it again from the printer.

After the ink data file is uploaded successfully, it might take up to 30 minutes for the data to be available in your dashboards.

You can repeat the procedure as often as necessary to upload new ink data exported from the printer. To avoid losing data, make sure that you export the ink data file periodically. Once the maximum number of records is reached, the printer overrides older data. The maximum number of records depends on the printer usage but we recommend exporting a new ink data file at least every 5000 jobs.