Adding Printers Manually

You can easily register new printers using the Add Printer... function.
To add a printer manually:
  1. On the Printers page, click the Add Printer... button.
    The Add Printer... button is disabled when the data collector is offline or when the data source usage limit has been reached.
  2. Edit the printer properties in the New Printer dialog box.
    New Printer dialog box
    For more information on the available settings, see Editing Printer Properties.
    Based on the specified IP address or host name, RICOH Supervisor Data Collector identifies the printer serial number. If a data source with that serial number was previously registered in the system, you can either create a new instance or resume tracking the previous data source and append future data to the existing historical data. If you enter a different name for the data source, the new name also applies to the existing historical data.

    By default, the Resume tracking the previous data source option is enabled and a list with the names of the previous data sources identified in the system is displayed. Only inactive data sources that are no longer registered in any data collector appear in the list. You can disable the Resume tracking the previous data source option if you want to create a new data source instead.Serial Number setting

  3. Click OK.
  • When your data source limit is reached, based on your subscription, you cannot add another printer to the data collector. For information on managing account and user settings, see the RICOH Account Administration documentation.
  • You can add printers from different networks to the same data collector as long as the data collector can reach both networks. Otherwise, you need a separate data collector for each network.
  • To avoid duplicate historical data, make sure that you do not add the same printer to multiple data collectors.
  • When the data collector is not connected to the cloud, you cannot add, edit, or delete a data source. When the connection with the cloud is restored, all functions are enabled.