Downloading Dashboard Data as an Image File

You can save the current dashboard data as a PNG image file.
To download dashboard data as an image file:
  1. Click Dashboards tab, the Dashboards tab, and select a dashboard from the list.
  2. Click Options button, the Options button, on the dashboard heading and select Download Download Image.
    Dashboards tab - Dashboard options
  3. In the Download Image dialog box, specify formatting settings for the image.
    Download Image dialog box
    1. From the Size (Width) list, select the image size.
    2. In the Data section, select the information that you want to include.
  4. Click Download.
  5. Save the file to your computer.
    The procedure for saving the file depends on the web browser.
  • Japanese characters and the Japanese date format are not currently supported in the name of the downloaded PNG file. You can rename the file after you download it.
  • When you download dashboard data as a PNG file, default data field names are retrieved directly from the database and might not always match the names displayed on the user interface.