Enabling and Disabling Widget Filters

You can activate and deactivate the filters configured for a widget.
Note: This function is only available with the Self-Service feature. If you want to purchase this feature, contact your Ricoh representative.
To enable or disable widget filters:
  1. Click Dashboards tab, the Dashboards tab, and select a dashboard from the list.
  2. Open the widget that you want to work with in the Widget Designer.
    For more information, see Editing Widgets.
  3. In the Widget Designer, click the Filters tab on the right.
    Widget Designer - Filters panel
  4. Under Widget Filters, turn the switch on or off to enable or disable a filter.

    By default, the Update on Every Change option is enabled and the preview is updated automatically.

    To improve performance when you work with a large amount of data and slow query times, you can disable the Update on Every Change option. Click the Update button whenever you want to display the latest changes.

  5. Click Apply.