Overview of RICOH Supervisor

With RICOH Supervisor, you are always aware of what is happening in your print shop.

RICOH Supervisor is a cloud-based application that helps you monitor, understand, and improve your print production environment through visual representations. You can easily monitor data sources, view collected data, and set alerts to keep you aware of important changes.

Key features
  • Monitor device status and view usage statistics.
  • Set performance targets by day or by week.
  • Create dashboards with different layout and graphical options for displaying collected data.
  • Drill down dashboards to focus on specific data and identify potential bottlenecks.
  • Download reports at any time.
  • View tasks from every printer together on one screen.
  • Configure notifications to stay well-informed and react quickly to problems.
Important: RICOH Supervisor is not a billing application but it can help you better understand your costing by providing valuable insights into the typical workload and performance of your devices.