Adding a Mask

You can add a mask to a page to cover content.
  1. To add a mask to a page:
  2. On the toolbar, click Mask tool button, the Mask tool button.
  3. Click Mask type button, the Mask type button, and select a type of mask from the list:
    • Mask: Covers the content that is inside the selected area.
    • Reverse mask: Covers the content that is outside the selected area.

      This option is useful, for example, when you want to remove border shadows from scanned documents.

  4. Click Color button, the Color button, to open the color palette, then set the mask color and click OK.
    You can select from pre-defined colors or enter custom values in the input fields. To select a color from any object in the workspace, use the color picker.
  5. Click the page and drag the cursor to create the mask.
    Adding a mask
    Depending on the mask type, the mask is added either over the content inside the selected area or over the content outside the selected area.