Resizing a Page

You can resize a single page or multiple pages using the Resize page tool.
Important: Resized pages might not print correctly or have a correct layout depending on the paper settings and the scaling options from the Impose panel.
To resize pages:
  1. Select the target page from the page list.
    • To select multiple pages, hold the Ctrl key and click each page that you want to select.
    • To select a range of pages, click the first page in the range, then hold the Shift key and click the last page in the range.
  2. On the toolbar, click Resize page tool button, the Resize page tool button.
    The resizing options appear on the toolbar.
  3. Enter a percentage or specific dimensions to resize the page and press the Enter key.
    Resize page input
    • Page objects (text, mask, image) are not selectable in edit mode.

    • Page objects (text, mask, image) are moved and resized proportional to the page resize.

    Important: Image quality degrades with each application of the Resize page tool. Use Undo button, the Undo button, to revert the resize settings. Use Redo button, the Redo button, to reapply the resize settings. These buttons preserve image quality when resize settings are reverted or reapplied.